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Hope Children's Village

All Children

In 2012, God inspired Todd and Michelle Allen to begin mission work in the country of Uganda, Africa. Only two years later, Hope Children’s Village was established in partnership with CDI Uganda and Hope Missions International, a division of Todd Allen Family Ministries, and the first twelve orphans moved in, along with two widows who are the caretakers of the orphans. In the future, we plan to build a medical clinic, school, and guesthouse near the orphanage property to serve the needs of the children of Hope and provide an internal source of income for HCV.

God is doing a great work at CDI Hope Children’s Village. We are prayerfully believing these children will grow up to make a difference in their country for the glory of God.

Meet The Hope Kids

Their Stories



…was two years old when we found her. Little Angela was sleeping under a tree with her mentally ill mother who was unable to care for her. It was the rainy season in Ugandan and she barely had a covering over her head. The government of Uganda requested that we take and care for this little girl at CDI Hope Children’s Village, and we were blessed to be able to say that we would.

Sarah and Esther

Sarah and Esther

…are twin sisters, who came from a broken home. When they were very young, their mother died. Because of this, their father went mad and left them. He returned only to burn their house down.

These girls had no one, except an elderly grandmother, to care for them. When the girls were only two years old, they fell sick when the grandmother left them alone so she could find work in the village. A neighbor heard them crying and cared for them until the grandmother came home.

Norah _ Agnatius

Agnatius and Nora

…are not brother and sister, but they are the best of friends. Agnatius, like the others, came from a very bad situation. With no one to care for him, he probably thought that he didn’t have a friend in the world; that no one loved him.

Through Hope, we have been able to tell Agnatius that God loves him and he has friends like Nora to look out for him.

Teaching Moral Values

It is important for the children of Hope to have a good understanding of moral values while they are still young. They live in a culture that is steeped in traditions like bribery, theft, and cheating. These young children need to be sheltered from their negative cultural influences and taught the values of trust, honesty, and integrity.

Encouraging Excellence

We encourage the children of Hope to aim for excellence in everything they do. Because of where they came from, these young children have so much to overcome. Orphans always feel they have to prove themselves. Hope gives them a chance to do this in a productive way and a safe environment.

Future Goals

Vocational Training Center

Hope Children’s Village is dedicated to bettering the lives of orphaned and endangered children. This is partly accomplished by teaching them a basic knowledge of math, science, history, and the Bible. Additionally, Hope Missions International and CDI Uganda plans to build a vocational training center on the orphanage property. This center will be used to equip our children, and other children in the surrounding community, with the necessary skills to support themselves.  The purpose of our educational system is to prepare these orphans to return to society as adults and become productive, contributing citizens, making a difference for Christ in their own country.


HCV plans to establish a guesthouse on the property adjacent to the orphanage itself. An on-property guesthouse would house our mission teams on our semi-annual trips, as well as provide an additional source of income as a place for other missionaries to stay. This would decrease the costs of bringing in teams as well as being conveniently locate by HCV and the medical clinic.

A guesthouse would also provide a place for the children of Hope to work; attending to guests. This encourages building a strong work ethic as well as teaching human relations. At HCV, we desire to instill a love for God, a will to work, and desire to change the world for Christ.