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Fun Facts About Uganda

Uganda is a developing third world country, about the size of the state of Oregon. A portion of the Nile River runs through Uganda and over Murchison Falls.

Fun Facts:


Only 1/3 of the people in Uganda own a cell phone.

Uganda and the countries surrounding it are home to 790 mountain gorillas, the last of their species.

Uganda has the best bananas, pineapple, and mango in the world.

Where is Uganda

Uganda Is in the center of Africa, below South Sudan and West of Kenya

What are the staple foods of Uganda?

The staple foods in Uganda are rice, beans, greens, and, on occasion, chicken. Because of the poverty in which the people live, meat is eaten for special occasions and served to guests. The Ugandan’s enjoy many of the same foods that we do, except they prepare it differently.

Do the Ugandans speak English?

The national language of Uganda is English, however, we work far away from the Capitol City of Kampala, in Soroti, where many people still speak tribal languages. We work with translators sometimes but in the city it is usually not necessary.

How long do your mission trips last?

A normal trip spans two weeks. Ten days of that are actually spent in mission work. It takes over 24 hours to get to Uganda, (ten hours from the United States to London, 9 hours from London to Entebbe, Uganda, and 6 hours of driving to reach our mission point: Soroti.) Once there, we split into focused teams based on skillset. Medical professionals perform surgeries in the clinic, construction workers assist in building on Hope property, pastors train other pastors and conduct evangelistic rallies, and children’s workers help with VBS for Hope kids and ministry for the street teens.

How often do you take trips into Uganda?

We take trips bi-annually. One in January that is primarily focused on pastor’s conferences, prison ministries, and mentoring. The second in June-July that is primarily focused on water filter distribution, medical aid, and construction.