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Meet The Suttons

Andrew and Rachael Sutton and their four daughters are from Clarksville, TN. In January of 2016, they became the first missionaries to Uganda sent out through Hope Missions International and CDI Uganda.


(L/R) Rachael, Lilly, Hannah, Andrea, Bailey, Andrew

Fun Facts:

Did you know that there are over 36 million people in Uganda?

Uganda is roughly the size of the state of Oregon.

The average household income for laborers is the equivalent of 5 US dollars a month.

Uganda is known as the youngest nation in the world, 50% of their population are under 14 years old.

This Is The Sutton Family

For the past 13 years, Andrew and Rachael Sutton have felt a call and passion to serve God in a foreign country. In 2013, Andrew and his oldest daughter, Bailey, went on a missions trip to Uganda with CDI (Christian Development Initiative) and Hope Missions International. At that point, Andrew knew Uganda was where he and his family were meant to be. The following year, Andrew returned to Uganda with his wife, Rachael, to confirm their calling and establish relationships with the Ugandan people.

The months following their return home were filled with excitement as well as difficulty. God began opening doors as the Sutton Family prepared to fulfill the calling for their family to become missionaries to Uganda, Africa.

Things were not easy for them as they went through the process of selling their home and most of their belongings, saying goodbye to their family, and even giving up the successful business they had built. They persevered, trusting God to reward their sacrifice.

“For we know, all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose.”

-Romans 8:28

In January of 2016, the Sutton Family arrived in Uganda, Africa. Their work has only just begun.

Meet Debbie

HPIM0089 (1)

Reaching The Deaf Of Africa

Ms. Debbie Michaels is an experienced mission worker with a specialty in reaching deaf people in third world countries. In the area of Uganda where we work, there are many deaf people who have no way to communicate at all. There is a huge unreached people group in the heart of Africa.

In her own words…

It has been my privilege to work with the Deaf of Africa for the past 11 years in Ethiopia. Deaf with no language and without the ability to understand the love of Christ in their lives. I returned home two years ago to help take care of my father who passed away last year.

God has once again opened a way for me to serve him and work with the deaf in Africa. This past January I took a mission trip with Michelle Allen to visit Hope Missions International in Uganda and search the deaf in the town of Soroti and the surrounding villages. God touched my heart, as I looked into the faces of deaf who have no language and no understanding of God’s great love for them. My heart was grieved.

God is opening the way for these deaf to hear and become believers. May we all work together to reach the forgotten.

How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? Romans 10:14

Self-Sustainability Projects

Shipping Container

The Sutton Family will be working with the staff of CDI and Hope Children’s Village to create self-sustainability projects. A shipping container filled with supplies (pictured left) is the first step toward our sustainability goals.

Once the container arrives, Andrew, will immediately begin the process of transforming it into the first phase of a medical clinic. He will be installing windows, an air conditioning unit, and building a roof.

Through generous donations, all of the equipment we need to outfit a clinic, surgery suite, and recovery room has been supplied. We are still in the process of raising funds to purchase the 40ft. shipping container to transport the equipment to Uganda.


Chicken Coop

A chicken farm is the first self-sustainability project we initiated. We are raising a hybrid chicken, indigenous to Uganda, that lives longer, grows bigger, and lays more eggs than most other chickens in that area.

In 2015, our team completed construction for a chicken coop (pictured left) on the property adjacent to HCV that will house more than 100 chickens. These birds will provide eggs and meat for consumption and sale in the market.


Medical Clinic

The medical clinic will be able to provide basic and emergency care for the children living on Hope Children’s Village property, as well as for the surrounding communities. This will supply a steady source of income to support the daily management of HCV and their community initiatives in the area.

The early stages of construction for the medical clinic will begin in January of 2016.



Another project that will provide food and income for HCV is a garden. The wall in the background of this picture is the boundary of Hope Children’s Village, and the building behind it is the first unit of the orphanage complex. Our team visited in June of 2015, and began breaking ground for the garden, which will be used to grow beans, maize (corn), beets, and watermelon.